Chúng Tôi Nhẩy Đầm ở Nhà (We Dance At Home), archival footage, Vietnamese & English subtitles, 7:08, 2017.

Chúng Tôi Nhẩy Đầm ở Nhà (We Dance At Home), revisits my family’s personal home video collections to explore my parents’ unique Vietnamese diasporic experiences in Peterborough, a predominantly white town in Ontario. Through interviews and juxtaposing archival footage to present day documentation, together, we explore: How are their ideas of home changing? How was a community built? What role did the home play in building a community?

This video work was commissioned by Reel Asian International Film Festival and Vtape for the program “Been Here So Long” to commemorate Ontario-Canada’s 150th to highlight Asian-Canadian histories within Ontario.

Please contact me if you would like the Vimeo link to view this work.